January 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
Happy New Year! I hope that this year’s Christmas break has been a joyful and restful for all of our parish’s youth and their families. As the New Year begins, so does Holy Trinity’s youth activities, which I am here to share with you!

This past December was filled with Christmas busyness, with the Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys Christmas Party and the Christmas Carol Singalong, in which the Youth Choir played “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” à la Barenaked Ladies and Sara McLachlan!

As for this month, Life Teen will be starting up again by finishing its semester on Social Justice. We’ve discussed human dignity, mercy, materialism, and much more this year so far. We’ll be finishing it all off with “Brother’s Keeper”, a Life Night on the Common Good. After that, our high-school students will be moving into exam time (I’m sorry I said the “E word”), so we’ll be doing our best to relieve their stress and give them a break from studying. These “stressbuster” nights are a bit of a tradition, and are only one hour long.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys will be beginning their next series, that will take them all the way until Lent, and ending in another Apostolic Project. EDGE will also be continuing its theme on “Existence”, exploring who God is and the Creed. We’ll be at SJPII on Tuesday Jan 10, and STA on Tuesday Jan 24!

At the start of our first HT Young Adults meetings, the myself and the  young adults attending wanted a group that can have many different activities, including discussions on topics relevant to them, videos, and speakers for other specific topics. With that in mind, the HT Young Adults will be having a book study for a few weeks starting this January. I am very excited to have a group for our parish’s young adults that can be variable for them. Please keep praying for the success of this group and all of Holy Trinity’s youth ministry efforts.

January’s Youth Ministry Activities:
January 10 – EDGE at St John Paul II School
January 15 – Life Teen: “Brother’s Keeper”
January 18 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
January 19 – HT Young Adults
January 22 – Life Teen: Stressbuster!
January 24 – EDGE at St Thomas Aquinas School
January 25 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
January 29 – Life Teen: Stressbuster!

Special Announcements:
The Holy Trinity EPIC Youth Rally is on Saturday March 18! Youth in grades 7-12 from our parish and parishes in the Archdiocese of Edmonton are invited to join us for an awesome day! Pure Witness Ministries will be leading the rally, including our very own Elijah Jodoin who is on their retreat team this year. Check out the poster and registration form on the youth board at the back of the church!


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