February 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
February is here! As January ends, our high-school students finish their first semester of the school year, and our parish’s youth ministry finishes off it’s first semester as well. Now, the busy and exciting second half of our ministry year begins, full of new themes and huge events!

Life Teen endeavored to help our high-schools students through their exam week with our Stressbuster nights, which were quite successful in the de-stressing department. During the first night, we had board games and video games to let the teens have a night of fun and Mario Kart racing! The second night was equally effective, but in a far messier way. Our Messy Games night gave our teens the opportunity to finger paint with condiments, bob for chocolate coins in whipped cream, and more. The winning team (the Valkyries) were awarded a special honor that included shaving cream and a youth minister’s face.

This month, Life Teen will be starting it’s new semester on Vocations! February will include the first half of another Life Night series titled Unsettled. This series will focus on four vocations: consecrated religious life, priesthood, holy matrimony, and the Universal Call to Holiness. Guest speakers living out these vocations present to our teens on their vocation. Brothers Donald and Michael OFM will be joining us for a night on consecrated religious life, and Fr Marc Cramer will join us to speak on the priesthood!

EDGE will be having a Valentine’s Day themed meeting this February 14th, along with continuing its theme on creation and the existence of God. This month, we’ll be talking about the Final Creation – Humankind. The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys are also partway through their series on “Why the World is the Way it is”. February’s Club Meetings will pose questions about suffering and the purpose of the Church! Both the boys’ and girls’ series’ will end with an apostolic project, right before the beginning of Lent.

Challenge and Conquest will also enter February on a sad note. Our Challenge Girls Coordinator, Desiree, will be leaving this month to study at the Catholic Discipleship College in Auckland, New Zealand. We all wish her well in her travels and thank her for leading the Challenge Girls Club here.

As said last month, HT Young Adults will be having a book study! In January, we preluded our book study with a discussion on Heaven and Hell, since we will be reading and discussing The Great Divorce by CS Lewis this February.

Finally, February marks the time to start SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS about the HT EPIC Youth Rally on March 18th! February 24th is the date to register if participants want one of the gorgeous t-shirts that will be given out that day. Otherwise, registrations are open up to and including the day of the rally. The cost to go is $45, which covers all the food and fun. These lovely people will be presenting!Youth in grades 7-12 are invited to join us for this epic day (yea, that was a pun). Check out the HT EPIC Youth Rally page for all the details and the registration form! http://htyouth.ws/ht-epic-youth-rally/

Please continue to pray for our parish’s youth and youth ministry.

February’s Youth Ministry Activities
February 2 – HT Young Adults
February 5 – Life Teen Semester Two KICKOFF
February 8 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
February 12 – Life Teen: “Grateful Beggar” (with Brs Michael and Donald)
February 14 – EDGE Valentine’s Day Social
February 15 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
February 16 – HT Young Adults
February 19 – Life Teen Social Night
February 22* – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys Apostolic Project
February 26 – Life Teen: “Abundant Sacrifice” (with Fr Marc Cramer)
February 28 – EDGE: “The Final Creation”

*The date of Challenge and Conquests Apostolic Projects may change within the week of February 22.

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