March 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
As we begin March this year, we also begin the season of Lent! Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of a season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. This month (which includes most of Lent), there will be opportunities for our parish’s youth pray and grow, including some fun youth ministry events!

First of all, the HT EPIC Youth Rally is on Saturday March 18th. It will be a Christ-centered day of music, games, Mass, Adoration, and Confession. Youth in grades 7-12 from Holy Trinity and other parishes from around the Edmonton area will be joining us for this huge event.

This year’s youth rally is actually the 15th annual Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally. If you’ve every been in the youth office at Holy Trinity, you will have seen these:

These are the t-shirts from all of our parish’s previous youth rallies, all the way back to 2003 (except for one missing t-shirt, ironically from the first youth rally that I attended as a youth). Needless to say, there is a long history of youth rallies at our parish, and I am proud to be having EPIC on March 18th. So if you haven’t already, I encourage you to register! Forms are available on this website, on the youth bulletin board, and in the parish office.

As for the rest of our Holy Trinity’s youth ministry, our parish’s youth groups will be doing a lot this month. HT Young Adults will be finishing its study of The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis in its two regular meetings this month. As well, the young adults will be having a social meeting at the end of this month (date to be decided).

Due to Spring Break, there will only be one EDGE meeting in March. So far this year, EDGE has covered the Creed. In the previous EDGE meeting, we discussed the creation of humanity, male and female; March 14th’s EDGE Meeting is titled The Big Lie, and will deal with the fall of humanity.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys will be starting a new series this month, their final one of the school year. The theme for their previous series was: Why is the World the Way it is? Challenge and Conquest’s next theme is a natural progression of the previous: How Can I Make the World Better? For the next five Club Meetings, the Boys and Girls will be tackling topics about their identity and value, and how they should treat other people.

This past month, Life Teen started a four-part series on Vocations. We were very blessed to be visited by some guest speakers for these nights – Brothers Michael and Donald OFM, and Fr Marc Cramer. This March will have the last two parts of the series. The first, Unexpected Gift, is a Life Night on marriage, in which we will be joined by Josh and Stef Gervais from our parish’s marriage prep team. Finally, we will close our series with Red Soldier, a night on our primary vocation, the Universal Call to Holiness. Life Teen will continue it’s semester on vocations with a few more Life Nights later in the year.

March ends with Spring Break, the parish mission, and penitential service, so there are less youth activities at the end of the month. Feel free to join us for these youth activities- and especially for the HT EPIC Youth Rally on March 18th!

March’s Youth Activities:
March 2 – HT Young Adults on The Great Divorce
March 5 – Life Teen: “Unexpected Gift” with Josh and Stef Gervais
March 12 – Life Teen: “Red Soldier”
March 14  – EDGE: “The Big Lie” at St John Paul II School
March 15 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
March 16 – HT Young Adults on The Great Divorce
March 18 – HT EPIC Youth Rally
March 22 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys

Special Announcements:
1. If you want to volunteer at the HT EPIC Youth Rally, please email James at

2. Interested in joining the youth choir that sings at 6pm Masses? Contact James at the parish office!

3. The Life Teen CORE Team is preparing for this year’s THINKfast on Palm Sunday. Stay tuned for this great youth event to start off your Holy Week!

4. The Lenten Soup and Study Evenings are on Friday’s in Lent. Youth too are welcome to join us for these parish events. Come on out!

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