April 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Hello! Blessings to all of our youth and young adults this April! I hope all of the students enjoyed their Spring Break, and that all of our parish’s youth and young adults are well. There are many good things to come for our youth in April (hopefully Spring will be among them)!

March was a very full month for our parish: the beginning of Lent, our Parish Mission, and our 15th annual parish youth rally! We are very blessed to have a parish that is so supportive of youth ministry. Approximately 95 teens joined us for the HT EPIC Youth Rally. They listened to talks about the Saints, sang loud songs, and played really fun games. Finally, those same 95 teenagers joined our parish for 5pm Mass and later closed their day with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Afterward, we had a final praise and worship song in front of the altar:

As for this month, there is lots going on:

EDGE has two meetings this month – one at St John Paul II School and one at St Thomas Aquinas School. Our year of EDGE is almost over, as these two meetings begin to close our semester. EDGE has focused on the Creed this term, first talking about who God is, the creation of the world, and finally the creation of mankind. This month, we will be talking about suffering and evil, and after Easter we will talk about how God is victorious over sin and suffering!

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs have three meetings this month, continuing their new series on making the world better. To that end, the Boys and Girls are working on a new project! For the rest of their club meetings, they will be bringing in articles on current events in the world that need prayer. We’ll be closing it all off with a prayer service!

Our parish’s young adult ministry group has been busy reading for the past two months! For the past few meetings we have been reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. We had great discussion on the book’s characters and their choices leading them to or away from Heaven. This month, we’ll be having a break from reading. HT Young Adults will be watching Hacksaw Ridge, a WWII biopic on Desmond Doss, who was awarded the Medal of Honour for his rescue efforts on the battlefields of Okinawa despite being a conscientious objector to the war and refusing to bear a weapon. In the following meeting we’ll discuss the themes brought up in the movie!

Life Teen returned from a two week break yesterday with a Life Night on discernment and the deaconate. Our very own Deacon Pat joined us to share his story of discernment and what the deaconate is all about. Life Teen will be taking a break from it’s semester on Vocations for the last two Sundays of April for a Life Night on a specific issue and a just-for-fun social night.

On April 8-9 Palm Sunday weekend, Life Teen will be having a THINKfast! The teens will fast from food for 25 hours, after raising money for Development and Peace! This retreat-like event will focus on both social justice and Jesus’ suffering as the teens enter Holy Week. If you’d like to help us reach our fundraising goal of $1000 visit www.devp.org/thinkfast/2009. Youth registration forms are available at the back of the church on the youth bulletin board.

April’s Youth Activities Calender:
April 2 – Life Teen: Discernment and Deaconate
April 6 – HT Young Adults on Hacksaw Ridge
April 8-9 – Life Teen THINKfast
April 11 – EDGE: “Bad News”
April 12 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
April 16 – Easter!
April 19 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
April 20 – HT Young Adults on Hacksaw Ridge
April 23 – Life Teen: Issue Night
April 25 – EDGE: “God Wins!”
April 26 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
April 30 – Life Teen: Social Night

Special Announcements:
1. Interested in joining the youth choir that sings at 6pm Masses? Contact Dylan or James at the parish office!

2. THINKfast form and pledge collection sheets are available on the youth bulletin board at the back of the church. If you’d like to donate, check out www.devp.org/thinkfast/2009

3. I’m looking for an old youth rally shirt! If you have the t-shirt from Holy Trinity’s 2006 youth rally, Fire Factor, contact the parish office.

4. Holy Trinity’s youth ministry has a Facebook page! Check out Holy Trinity Parish Youth Ministry on Facebook for info and to keep in contact.

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