May 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Greetings! Happy May and happy Easter! The season of Easter that began in April continues into this month of May. April was a full month for Holy Trinity’s youth, with our THINKfast on Palm Sunday and Holy Week. I was blessed to see Holy Trinity’s youth reflecting on Jesus’ passion and death, and rejoicing at the Easter Vigil this year. Youth were serving as altar servers, baptism sponsors, and participating in the Mass. At our THINKfast, they went without food for more than 25 hours and raised $500 for Development and Peace. They slept with hungry stomachs, and some of the boys made themselves a fort with the tables in the hall!

As we enter into May the end of the school year is in sight, and  with it our students will start to get quite busy. St Peter the Apostle Catholic High-School’s Grad Retreat is in the end of May, which begins to signal the end of the year for those students. Just as the schools have many activities this month, our parish’s youth ministry will have many as well.

May marks the ending of two of our parish’s youth ministry years. EDGE will have it’s final meeting on Tuesday May 9. We’ll be ending our EDGE ministry year with a bang at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. There will be games, food, and fun! Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys also have their final club meetings in May. The last regular club meeting will be on Wednesday May 10, followed by the Apostolic Project that the Boys and Girls have been leading up to. Challenge and Conquest’s focus question for the past few weeks has been “How Can I Make the World Better?” For their Apostolic Project, they’ve been bringing in articles on world events that need our prayer. This has been leading up to a prayer service that the Boys and Girls will take part in, praying for all of those needs throughout the world. Challenge and Conquest will then end with a big wrap up party on May 24.

As for the rest of Holy Trinity’s youth programs, they will continue into the end of June!

HT Young Adults will be joining with Paul and Carol Quist’s “Hot Topics in May” series. The Hot Topics in May will be on Thursdays in May from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the parish hall. Since our HT Young Adults group is on Thursdays at 7, we will be joining Paul and Carol’s presentations instead at 6:30. The topics for each Thursday are: May 4, Bioethics; May 11, Sexuality; May 18, Gender; and May 25, Marriage. Come join us then!

Life Teen has a full month of activities in May. We will be continuing our semester on Vocations, with more guest speakers coming in to speak to the teens on their vocations.

Two of the Life Nights can be described as “part two” of a vocation discussed earlier in the semester. “Playing House” and “Sister Act” will be an opportunity for our teens to revisit the topics of Marriage and Consecrated Religious Life. In “Playing House” Paul and Carol Quist will address cohabitation and chastity within the context of Christian marriage. A week later, Life Teen will be joined by Sister Mary, from the Sisters of Providence, to give a women’s perspective on Consecrated Religious Life. Our last Life Night in May, will be joined by multiple alumni of NET Ministries and Pure Witness Ministries, who will speak on their calling to be missionaries!

I hope that all of our parish’s youth and young adults have a blessed May! We’ll see you at these youth events and in the parish!

May’s Youth Activities Calendar:
May 4 – HT Young Adults joining the Quists for “Hot Topics in May”
May 7 – Life Teen: “Playing House” with Paul and Carol Quist
May 9 – EDGE Wrap-Up Party at STA
May 10 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
May 14 – Life Teen: “Sister Act” with Sister Mary
May 17 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Apostolic Project
May 18 – HT Young Adults joining the Quists for “Hot Topics in May”
May 21 – Life Teen: Social Night
May 24 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Year End Wrap-Up
May 28 – Life Teen: “Missionary Academy” with NET and PW Alumni
May 31 – Challenge and Conquest Leaders Wrap-Up

Special Announcements:
1. Interested in joining the youth choir that sings at 6pm Masses? Contact Dylan or James at the parish office!

2. Holy Trinity’s youth ministry has a Facebook page! Check out Holy Trinity Parish Youth Ministry on Facebook for info and to keep in contact.

3. Youth and young adults interested in volunteering to help at the Confirmation retreat on Saturday May 13 from 11:30-5pm are invited to contact Pam Steil at 780.960.0135 or

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