2017/18 Ministry Info HTYouth Newsletter

Greetings! I hope your summer has be wonderful so far, with whatever camping and vacationing you and your family have had. The youth office has continued to work at summer ministry activities which I hope our youth enjoyed! Now, summer is half over, which leads us to a scary (albeit important) topic:

I’m sorry for saying it! It is still August, but for this month’s HTYouth Newsletter, we are looking ahead to the start of the upcoming ministry year in September! Holy Trinity Parish will be continuing to serve and minister to our youth through multiple programs and events throughout the year. Information on these ministry efforts can be found below.

Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs
Holy Trinity will be continuing its Challenge and Conquest Clubs this fall. Challenge and Conquest are programs for girls and boys, respectively, in grades 5-8.

They both meet on Wednesdays at 6:15pm at St John Paul II Catholic School except the first Wednesday of each month, which is the leaders planning meeting.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs have their first club meeting on Wednesday September 20th at St JPII School!

Junior High Mega Nights
In the last school year, Holy Trinity Parish and Evergreen Catholic Schools worked together on a joint project to reach out to the grade 7&8 students at St Thomas Aquinas and St John Paul II Schools. The project took the form of an EDGE Youth Group.

This year, Holy Trinity and Evergreen will be continuing to collaborate with some weekly lunchtime visits to each school (similar to the youth group last year). Added on to this, however, will be monthly “Junior High Mega Nights” at the parish. These will be evenings for grade 7&8 students at STA and SJPII, as well as any other grade 7&8 students from the parish. These junior high events will begin at 6:30pm on the third Thursday of each month (except in January, it’s the fourth Thursday).

The first Junior High Mega Night will be on Thursday September 21st at 6:30pm in the parish hall!

Life Teen
Holy Trinity Parish will continue to run a Life Teen youth group for our high-school students! Life Teen is a group for youth in grades 9-12, which meets on Sunday evenings after the 6pm Mass. Life Teen focuses on leading teens closer to Christ, which we work to accomplish through teachings, videos, retreats, games, music, and community.

Life Teen kicks off on Sunday September 17th, after the 6pm Mass!

HT Young Adults
This past year, Holy Trinity started a new group for the young adults of our parish. The goal was to create an opportunity to build community among young adults: a group that is so vastly separated, and yet in so much need of ministry.

With the same goal in mind, we will be continuing our young adult meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month (except for January, its the second and fourth). Meetings this year will begin at 7:30pm, however. We will also continue to plan simple community-building social nights every month or two months.

Our first meeting of the fall is on Thursday September 7th at 7:30pm. (We will have one more meeting this summer on Thursday August 3rd.)

Registration forms for Life Teen, Challenge and Conquest are available for parents to fill out in preparation for these programs.

We cannot talk about all of our parish’s youth programs without recognizing an important fact first. Without the help of volunteers from our parish, it would be impossible to continue ministering to our youth. These events wouldn’t be possible without volunteers helping in big and small ways, in the forefront and background.

Volunteering is a commitment of time and effort. There are many different ways that parishioners can help – whether it’s helping with making snacks for a youth night, or being involved on a leadership team. In whatever way they are able to help, volunteers have the amazing opportunity to serve God through His youth; and there is great joy and lots of fun in doing His work. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the parish office.

We have one more Ultimate Frisbee game this summer on Wednesday August 2nd at 6:30pm at Jubilee Park, and one more HT Young Adults meeting on Thursday August 3rd at 7pm!

Young Adults are invited to attend the Archdiocese of Edmonton Camping Retreat on September 8-10 at Garner Lake Provincial Park. The cost to go is only $10. Contact James if you’re interested.

World Youth Day Panama is approaching, and Holy Trinity Parish is beginning preparations. If you are interested in joining our WYD pilgrim group, contact the parish office. We will have our first pilgrim meeting on Monday August 28 at 6pm in the youth office.

Youth interested in getting a Fight The New Drug t-shirt can sign up and bring $25 to James!

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