September 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

September has arrived, and with it begins the new school year. Our prayers are with all of the teachers and students who are heading back to school this week.

As the new school year begins, Holy Trinity’s youth ministry starts up again as well! Check out when the program you’re interested in starts this month.

HT Young Adults (which met a few times over the summer) will have it’s first meeting of the school year on Thursday September 7th at 7:30pm it’s new time.

Life Teen will be starting on Sunday September 17th at 7:15pm. Youth in grades 9-12 are invited to join us.

Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys have their first club meetings of the year on Wednesday September 20th. Challenge and Conquest will continue to meet at St John Paul II School in Stony Plain. However, they will be meeting at a new time – starting at 6:15pm and ending at 8pm.

Evergreen Catholic and Holy Trinity Parish’s first Junior High Mega Night will be on Thursday September 21st at 6:30pm in the parish hall. Youth in grades 7&8 from St Thomas Aquinas, St John Paul II, and any other gr 7&8 students from Holy Trinity Parish are invited to these Mega Nights.

There are a couple avenues for parishioners to keep updated on youth activities this year. This website and monthly HTYouth Newsletter is one of them. There is also a youth bulletin board at the back of the church with information on the programs we run, registration forms for groups and events, and posters for upcoming youth events in the parish and Edmonton area. HTYouth is also present on social media. We have a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter page for our youth ministry. You can find each of those pages by searching “@htyouth” on the corresponding website.

Finally, we’ve just begun using a useful tool called “Remind”. Remind is a tool designed for teachers, which allows parents and youth to receive announcements directly to their phones – without sharing their personal phone number. It is easy to opt in and out of the service. Simply text the code for the group you want to receive announcements and reply to them.
Text the code for the group you want to the number 289.270.0882.
Life Teen – @bbcckh
Challenge and Conquest – @c94e38
Young Adults – @24ee6

Each of these programs could not possibly run without the effort of some spectacular volunteers. Our parishioners work in big ways and small ways to make youth ministry possible. If you are interested and available, I invite you to prayerfully consider how you could be involved in our ministry. Here are some of those vounteering ideas:

Life Teen Core: Our high school youth group wouldn’t be possible with the adults who commit time to be there. Core members work as a team with the youth minister to plan and execute Life Nights. They work directly with the teens by setting up, leading teachings, or just being there. While it is a commitment of time and effort, Core members reap the benefits of community, laughter, and the occasional pizza. More than that, they get the opportunity to watch God work in the lives of His teenagers.

Life Teen Core meet twice a week in total – on Mondays at 5:30pm for the weekly Core Meeting, and on Sundays at 4:30pm to begin preparing for Life Teen that evening. The first Core Meeting is on Monday, Sept 11th.

Challenge and Conquest Leaders: Similar to Life Teen, Challenge and Conquest are two youth groups that need strong, Catholic, female and male role models for the girls and boys in the clubs. The clubs have both adult and teen leaders, each filling different roles.

Adult leaders are there to lead the boys and girls, keep them safe, and keep things running smoothly. Whether they are a mom or dad that wants to stick around with their child, or any other adult who cares about God’s youth, they have the opportunity to lead by example and minister to the youth.

Teenage leaders who decide to give time to their younger peers are fantastic role models. The boys and girls, who are just a few years younger than them, need teenagers to look up to. The teen leaders are involved in the club meetings, having opportunities to lead discussions, present teachings, and play games with the boys and girls.

Challenge and Conquest Leaders meet once a week on Wednesdays. The first Wednesday of each month is their leaders meeting, which is at 6:30pm. Each other Wednesday is a club meeting, for which the leaders arrive at 6:00pm. The first leaders meeting is on Wednesday Sept 13th.

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these “big ways” contact the office. There are more ways to help than just these ways, though, and there are as many as you can think of. If you can think of a way to help Holy Trinity’s youth ministry, just contact the youth office. We have a parish full of talented, caring people.

Finally, one of the simplest and most important ways you can aid Holy Trinity youth ministry is to pray. Pray for the youth. Pray for the success of the meeting, or the retreat, or the youth rally. Pray for the leaders, the church, and the silly youth coordinator. Prayer is powerful, and so necessary for the success of our ministry.

September 7 – HT Young Adults
September 11 – 1st LT Core Meeting of the year!
September 13 – 1st CHCQ Leaders Meeting of the year!
September 17 – Life Teen Kick Off
September 20 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Kick Off
September 21 – Junior High Mega Night
September 21 – HT Young Adults
September 24 – Life Teen
September 27 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
September 30 – WYD Bake Sale (after all Masses)

Interested in the Archdiocese of Edmonton Youth Rally ’17 on Saturday October 28th in Red Deer? Face2Face Ministries of Saskatoon will be leading a day with food, fun, Mass, Adoration, and a dance! Register by Oct 18th to receive a t-shirt! Cost: $50 per person. Contact the office if you’re interested.

After the break for the summer, we are still planning on making a Fight the New Drug t-shirt order. If you are interested in getting a cool t-shirt with an even cooler message, contact the office. Shirts will be $25 each.

The World Youth Day Pilgrims are having a bake sale after all Masses on the weekend of Sept 30th/Oct 1st. Look for us in the Our Ladies’ Room.

Want to lead in worship and share your musical talents with the church? Check out the youth choir, which plays at the 6pm Mass!

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