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2017/18 Ministry Info HTYouth Newsletter

Greetings! I hope your summer has be wonderful so far, with whatever camping and vacationing you and your family have had. The youth office has continued to work at summer ministry activities which I hope our youth enjoyed! Now, summer is half over, which leads us to a scary (albeit important) topic:

I’m sorry for saying it! It is still August, but for this month’s HTYouth Newsletter, we are looking ahead to the start of the upcoming ministry year in September! Holy Trinity Parish will be continuing to serve and minister to our youth through multiple programs and events throughout the year. Information on these ministry efforts can be found below.

Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs
Holy Trinity will be continuing its Challenge and Conquest Clubs this fall. Challenge and Conquest are programs for girls and boys, respectively, in grades 5-8.

They both meet on Wednesdays at 6:15pm at St John Paul II Catholic School except the first Wednesday of each month, which is the leaders planning meeting.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs have their first club meeting on Wednesday September 20th at St JPII School!

Junior High Mega Nights
In the last school year, Holy Trinity Parish and Evergreen Catholic Schools worked together on a joint project to reach out to the grade 7&8 students at St Thomas Aquinas and St John Paul II Schools. The project took the form of an EDGE Youth Group.

This year, Holy Trinity and Evergreen will be continuing to collaborate with some weekly lunchtime visits to each school (similar to the youth group last year). Added on to this, however, will be monthly “Junior High Mega Nights” at the parish. These will be evenings for grade 7&8 students at STA and SJPII, as well as any other grade 7&8 students from the parish. These junior high events will begin at 6:30pm on the third Thursday of each month (except in January, it’s the fourth Thursday).

The first Junior High Mega Night will be on Thursday September 21st at 6:30pm in the parish hall!

Life Teen
Holy Trinity Parish will continue to run a Life Teen youth group for our high-school students! Life Teen is a group for youth in grades 9-12, which meets on Sunday evenings after the 6pm Mass. Life Teen focuses on leading teens closer to Christ, which we work to accomplish through teachings, videos, retreats, games, music, and community.

Life Teen kicks off on Sunday September 17th, after the 6pm Mass!

HT Young Adults
This past year, Holy Trinity started a new group for the young adults of our parish. The goal was to create an opportunity to build community among young adults: a group that is so vastly separated, and yet in so much need of ministry.

With the same goal in mind, we will be continuing our young adult meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month (except for January, its the second and fourth). Meetings this year will begin at 7:30pm, however. We will also continue to plan simple community-building social nights every month or two months.

Our first meeting of the fall is on Thursday September 7th at 7:30pm. (We will have one more meeting this summer on Thursday August 3rd.)

Registration forms for Life Teen, Challenge and Conquest are available for parents to fill out in preparation for these programs.

We cannot talk about all of our parish’s youth programs without recognizing an important fact first. Without the help of volunteers from our parish, it would be impossible to continue ministering to our youth. These events wouldn’t be possible without volunteers helping in big and small ways, in the forefront and background.

Volunteering is a commitment of time and effort. There are many different ways that parishioners can help – whether it’s helping with making snacks for a youth night, or being involved on a leadership team. In whatever way they are able to help, volunteers have the amazing opportunity to serve God through His youth; and there is great joy and lots of fun in doing His work. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the parish office.

We have one more Ultimate Frisbee game this summer on Wednesday August 2nd at 6:30pm at Jubilee Park, and one more HT Young Adults meeting on Thursday August 3rd at 7pm!

Young Adults are invited to attend the Archdiocese of Edmonton Camping Retreat on September 8-10 at Garner Lake Provincial Park. The cost to go is only $10. Contact James if you’re interested.

World Youth Day Panama is approaching, and Holy Trinity Parish is beginning preparations. If you are interested in joining our WYD pilgrim group, contact the parish office. We will have our first pilgrim meeting on Monday August 28 at 6pm in the youth office.

Youth interested in getting a Fight The New Drug t-shirt can sign up and bring $25 to James!

July & August 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Happy summer to our parishioners! Our parish’s youth have made it to summer vacation, with all of its adventures and fun. Holy Trinity Parish will have summer ministry activities throughout July and the beginning of August for youth and young adults.

Image result

Teens will have many things to look forward to this summer. We’ll be playing Ultimate Frisbee at Jubilee Park from 6:30-8:30pm on Wednesdays. We will also have some social afternoons for teens on Sundays (with the totally snazzy and non-lame title of “Sunday Fundays”). These Sunday Fundays will be on July 9, 16, and 30, beginning at 3pm and ending at 5pm. We will have an afternoon of capture the flag , titled “Googa Mooga”, some community building games involving blindfolds, and a huge water fight with water guns and balloons! Youth who will be going into grades 9 to 12, along with recent graduates, are welcome to attend!

We will also be continuing our HT Young Adults group through the summer. There will be three meetings: Thursday July 6 and 20, and August 3 at 7pm. Young adults are invited to watch a video or teaching and discuss a topic each meeting. We are also currently planning a trip to Jasper for our young adults from July 21-23. We’ll be heading out on Friday afternoon or evening, and coming back in time for the 6pm Mass at Holy Trinity. The trip will be an opportunity for young adults to build community, pray together, and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation! Interested young adults should contact the youth office!

This summer also marks the beginning of Holy Trinity Parish’s preparation for World Youth Day Panama in January 2019.

We will be having a preliminary information meeting for youth and young adults interested in joining our WYD group on Monday July 10 at 6:30pm in the youth office. Young adults and youth who will be 18 years old in time for WYD are welcome to attend!

Join us for any of these youth events! The youth office will be taking it’s own break in August, but will be back soon afterward for planning and conniving for the youth activities in the fall!

Holy Trinity’s Summer Youth Activities Calendar
July 5 – Ultimate Frisbee at Jubilee Park
July 6 – HT Young Adults
July 9 – Sunday Funday: “Googa Mooga”
July 10 – World Youth Day Panama 2019 Preliminary Info Meeting
July 12 – Ultimate Frisbee at Jubilee Park
July 16 – Sunday Funday, “Running Blind”
July 19 – Ultimate Frisbee at Jubilee Park
July 20 – HT Young Adults
July 21-23 – HT Young Adults Jasper Trip!
July 26 – Ultimate Frisbee at Jubilee Park
July 30 – Sunday Funday, “Water War!”
August 2 – Ultimate Frisbee at Jubilee Park
August 3 – HT Young Adults


Any youth aged 14-19 interested in serving in youth ministry are encouraged to attend the Dive In Youth Ministry Camp at OLVC on August 21-25. Info is available at the office and on the youth bulletin board.

After our two-week series on pornography, our teens asked, and so we are making a t-shirt order from Fight The New Drug. There is a sign up sheet, and a cost of $25 per shirt. If you’re interested in getting a t-shirt with an anti-porn message, contact the office.

June 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Greetings from the Holy Trinity youth office! June has finally come, and summer vacation is soon to come for our parish’s youth. June will mark the end of our weekly youth ministry programs – but there’s more to come for youth ministry this summer!

Looking back to May, our Challenge and Conquest Clubs’ prayer service was quite successful. The youth brought forward prayer intentions and attached them to a beautiful cross (made by the wonderful Jodoin family). Challenge and Conquest ended their year with an evening of taquitos, sports, and dodgeball.

Life Teen also had some fun special events in May, with a successful campfire during the long weekend at Chickakoo Lake. Our teens joined us for a relaxed evening of hotdogs and games, followed by some praise and worship at Ephphatha House down the street.

As for June, HT Young Adults and Life Teen have some big nights ahead, covering some important topics (we save the best for last, as always).

HT Young Adults has had one of it’s two meetings this month already. In the Nicene Creed, we profess that we believe in God “maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible”. In this first discussion, the young adults talked about angels and demons. For our next meeting, we will be talking specifically about the occult, what the Church teaches about the Devil, and how to equip ourselves against evil as young Catholics.

Life Teen has an important two-part series on pornography, titled Unspoken, this month. Our first night was successful, focusing on Theology of the Body and giving a “big-picture” to the Church’s teaching on sexuality. The second half, happening on Sunday June 11, will be focused on the issue of pornography specifically. An important feature of these Life Nights is the involvement of parents. While the teens are having their Life Night, the parents have their own session with our parish’s marriage and family ministers, on how to protect their families from pornography.

After Unspoken, Life Teen will close it’s year with a classic Stressbuster night, focused on relieving their exam stress and giving them a much needed break from studying. Following that will be a carnival-themed Life Teen wrap up, with games, popcorn, a dunk tank, and more!

June’s Youth Activities Calendar
June 1 – HT Young Adults on Angels and Demons
June 4 – Life Teen: Unspoken Pt 1
June 11 – Life Teen: Unspoken Pt 2
June 15 – HT Young Adults on the Occult
June 18 – Life Teen: Stressbuster!
June 25 – Life Teen Year End Wrap Up


Stay tuned for youth events happening this summer!

There will be many young adults ministry activities for parishioners aged 18-35 this summer! HT Young Adults will be continuing it’s discussion meetings throughout the summer, as well as having a weekend in Jasper this July! The young adults will also be heading to the Family Life Conference as a group, and will be starting a group preparing to go to CCO’s Rise Up at New Years!

Our high school youth are invited to join us for weekly evenings of Frisbee this summer! We’ll also be having some activities on Sundays, so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements.

Finally, the second Dive In Youth Leadership Camp will be happening from August 21-25 at OLVC. Any youth who are involved as youth ministry leaders should definitely attend!

May 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Greetings! Happy May and happy Easter! The season of Easter that began in April continues into this month of May. April was a full month for Holy Trinity’s youth, with our THINKfast on Palm Sunday and Holy Week. I was blessed to see Holy Trinity’s youth reflecting on Jesus’ passion and death, and rejoicing at the Easter Vigil this year. Youth were serving as altar servers, baptism sponsors, and participating in the Mass. At our THINKfast, they went without food for more than 25 hours and raised $500 for Development and Peace. They slept with hungry stomachs, and some of the boys made themselves a fort with the tables in the hall!

As we enter into May the end of the school year is in sight, and  with it our students will start to get quite busy. St Peter the Apostle Catholic High-School’s Grad Retreat is in the end of May, which begins to signal the end of the year for those students. Just as the schools have many activities this month, our parish’s youth ministry will have many as well.

May marks the ending of two of our parish’s youth ministry years. EDGE will have it’s final meeting on Tuesday May 9. We’ll be ending our EDGE ministry year with a bang at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. There will be games, food, and fun! Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys also have their final club meetings in May. The last regular club meeting will be on Wednesday May 10, followed by the Apostolic Project that the Boys and Girls have been leading up to. Challenge and Conquest’s focus question for the past few weeks has been “How Can I Make the World Better?” For their Apostolic Project, they’ve been bringing in articles on world events that need our prayer. This has been leading up to a prayer service that the Boys and Girls will take part in, praying for all of those needs throughout the world. Challenge and Conquest will then end with a big wrap up party on May 24.

As for the rest of Holy Trinity’s youth programs, they will continue into the end of June!

HT Young Adults will be joining with Paul and Carol Quist’s “Hot Topics in May” series. The Hot Topics in May will be on Thursdays in May from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the parish hall. Since our HT Young Adults group is on Thursdays at 7, we will be joining Paul and Carol’s presentations instead at 6:30. The topics for each Thursday are: May 4, Bioethics; May 11, Sexuality; May 18, Gender; and May 25, Marriage. Come join us then!

Life Teen has a full month of activities in May. We will be continuing our semester on Vocations, with more guest speakers coming in to speak to the teens on their vocations.

Two of the Life Nights can be described as “part two” of a vocation discussed earlier in the semester. “Playing House” and “Sister Act” will be an opportunity for our teens to revisit the topics of Marriage and Consecrated Religious Life. In “Playing House” Paul and Carol Quist will address cohabitation and chastity within the context of Christian marriage. A week later, Life Teen will be joined by Sister Mary, from the Sisters of Providence, to give a women’s perspective on Consecrated Religious Life. Our last Life Night in May, will be joined by multiple alumni of NET Ministries and Pure Witness Ministries, who will speak on their calling to be missionaries!

I hope that all of our parish’s youth and young adults have a blessed May! We’ll see you at these youth events and in the parish!

May’s Youth Activities Calendar:
May 4 – HT Young Adults joining the Quists for “Hot Topics in May”
May 7 – Life Teen: “Playing House” with Paul and Carol Quist
May 9 – EDGE Wrap-Up Party at STA
May 10 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
May 14 – Life Teen: “Sister Act” with Sister Mary
May 17 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Apostolic Project
May 18 – HT Young Adults joining the Quists for “Hot Topics in May”
May 21 – Life Teen: Social Night
May 24 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Year End Wrap-Up
May 28 – Life Teen: “Missionary Academy” with NET and PW Alumni
May 31 – Challenge and Conquest Leaders Wrap-Up

Special Announcements:
1. Interested in joining the youth choir that sings at 6pm Masses? Contact Dylan or James at the parish office!

2. Holy Trinity’s youth ministry has a Facebook page! Check out Holy Trinity Parish Youth Ministry on Facebook for info and to keep in contact.

3. Youth and young adults interested in volunteering to help at the Confirmation retreat on Saturday May 13 from 11:30-5pm are invited to contact Pam Steil at 780.960.0135 or

April 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Hello! Blessings to all of our youth and young adults this April! I hope all of the students enjoyed their Spring Break, and that all of our parish’s youth and young adults are well. There are many good things to come for our youth in April (hopefully Spring will be among them)!

March was a very full month for our parish: the beginning of Lent, our Parish Mission, and our 15th annual parish youth rally! We are very blessed to have a parish that is so supportive of youth ministry. Approximately 95 teens joined us for the HT EPIC Youth Rally. They listened to talks about the Saints, sang loud songs, and played really fun games. Finally, those same 95 teenagers joined our parish for 5pm Mass and later closed their day with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Afterward, we had a final praise and worship song in front of the altar:

As for this month, there is lots going on:

EDGE has two meetings this month – one at St John Paul II School and one at St Thomas Aquinas School. Our year of EDGE is almost over, as these two meetings begin to close our semester. EDGE has focused on the Creed this term, first talking about who God is, the creation of the world, and finally the creation of mankind. This month, we will be talking about suffering and evil, and after Easter we will talk about how God is victorious over sin and suffering!

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs have three meetings this month, continuing their new series on making the world better. To that end, the Boys and Girls are working on a new project! For the rest of their club meetings, they will be bringing in articles on current events in the world that need prayer. We’ll be closing it all off with a prayer service!

Our parish’s young adult ministry group has been busy reading for the past two months! For the past few meetings we have been reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. We had great discussion on the book’s characters and their choices leading them to or away from Heaven. This month, we’ll be having a break from reading. HT Young Adults will be watching Hacksaw Ridge, a WWII biopic on Desmond Doss, who was awarded the Medal of Honour for his rescue efforts on the battlefields of Okinawa despite being a conscientious objector to the war and refusing to bear a weapon. In the following meeting we’ll discuss the themes brought up in the movie!

Life Teen returned from a two week break yesterday with a Life Night on discernment and the deaconate. Our very own Deacon Pat joined us to share his story of discernment and what the deaconate is all about. Life Teen will be taking a break from it’s semester on Vocations for the last two Sundays of April for a Life Night on a specific issue and a just-for-fun social night.

On April 8-9 Palm Sunday weekend, Life Teen will be having a THINKfast! The teens will fast from food for 25 hours, after raising money for Development and Peace! This retreat-like event will focus on both social justice and Jesus’ suffering as the teens enter Holy Week. If you’d like to help us reach our fundraising goal of $1000 visit Youth registration forms are available at the back of the church on the youth bulletin board.

April’s Youth Activities Calender:
April 2 – Life Teen: Discernment and Deaconate
April 6 – HT Young Adults on Hacksaw Ridge
April 8-9 – Life Teen THINKfast
April 11 – EDGE: “Bad News”
April 12 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
April 16 – Easter!
April 19 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
April 20 – HT Young Adults on Hacksaw Ridge
April 23 – Life Teen: Issue Night
April 25 – EDGE: “God Wins!”
April 26 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
April 30 – Life Teen: Social Night

Special Announcements:
1. Interested in joining the youth choir that sings at 6pm Masses? Contact Dylan or James at the parish office!

2. THINKfast form and pledge collection sheets are available on the youth bulletin board at the back of the church. If you’d like to donate, check out

3. I’m looking for an old youth rally shirt! If you have the t-shirt from Holy Trinity’s 2006 youth rally, Fire Factor, contact the parish office.

4. Holy Trinity’s youth ministry has a Facebook page! Check out Holy Trinity Parish Youth Ministry on Facebook for info and to keep in contact.


March 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
As we begin March this year, we also begin the season of Lent! Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of a season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. This month (which includes most of Lent), there will be opportunities for our parish’s youth pray and grow, including some fun youth ministry events!

First of all, the HT EPIC Youth Rally is on Saturday March 18th. It will be a Christ-centered day of music, games, Mass, Adoration, and Confession. Youth in grades 7-12 from Holy Trinity and other parishes from around the Edmonton area will be joining us for this huge event.

This year’s youth rally is actually the 15th annual Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally. If you’ve every been in the youth office at Holy Trinity, you will have seen these:

These are the t-shirts from all of our parish’s previous youth rallies, all the way back to 2003 (except for one missing t-shirt, ironically from the first youth rally that I attended as a youth). Needless to say, there is a long history of youth rallies at our parish, and I am proud to be having EPIC on March 18th. So if you haven’t already, I encourage you to register! Forms are available on this website, on the youth bulletin board, and in the parish office.

As for the rest of our Holy Trinity’s youth ministry, our parish’s youth groups will be doing a lot this month. HT Young Adults will be finishing its study of The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis in its two regular meetings this month. As well, the young adults will be having a social meeting at the end of this month (date to be decided).

Due to Spring Break, there will only be one EDGE meeting in March. So far this year, EDGE has covered the Creed. In the previous EDGE meeting, we discussed the creation of humanity, male and female; March 14th’s EDGE Meeting is titled The Big Lie, and will deal with the fall of humanity.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys will be starting a new series this month, their final one of the school year. The theme for their previous series was: Why is the World the Way it is? Challenge and Conquest’s next theme is a natural progression of the previous: How Can I Make the World Better? For the next five Club Meetings, the Boys and Girls will be tackling topics about their identity and value, and how they should treat other people.

This past month, Life Teen started a four-part series on Vocations. We were very blessed to be visited by some guest speakers for these nights – Brothers Michael and Donald OFM, and Fr Marc Cramer. This March will have the last two parts of the series. The first, Unexpected Gift, is a Life Night on marriage, in which we will be joined by Josh and Stef Gervais from our parish’s marriage prep team. Finally, we will close our series with Red Soldier, a night on our primary vocation, the Universal Call to Holiness. Life Teen will continue it’s semester on vocations with a few more Life Nights later in the year.

March ends with Spring Break, the parish mission, and penitential service, so there are less youth activities at the end of the month. Feel free to join us for these youth activities- and especially for the HT EPIC Youth Rally on March 18th!

March’s Youth Activities:
March 2 – HT Young Adults on The Great Divorce
March 5 – Life Teen: “Unexpected Gift” with Josh and Stef Gervais
March 12 – Life Teen: “Red Soldier”
March 14  – EDGE: “The Big Lie” at St John Paul II School
March 15 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys
March 16 – HT Young Adults on The Great Divorce
March 18 – HT EPIC Youth Rally
March 22 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys

Special Announcements:
1. If you want to volunteer at the HT EPIC Youth Rally, please email James at

2. Interested in joining the youth choir that sings at 6pm Masses? Contact James at the parish office!

3. The Life Teen CORE Team is preparing for this year’s THINKfast on Palm Sunday. Stay tuned for this great youth event to start off your Holy Week!

4. The Lenten Soup and Study Evenings are on Friday’s in Lent. Youth too are welcome to join us for these parish events. Come on out!

February 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
February is here! As January ends, our high-school students finish their first semester of the school year, and our parish’s youth ministry finishes off it’s first semester as well. Now, the busy and exciting second half of our ministry year begins, full of new themes and huge events!

Life Teen endeavored to help our high-schools students through their exam week with our Stressbuster nights, which were quite successful in the de-stressing department. During the first night, we had board games and video games to let the teens have a night of fun and Mario Kart racing! The second night was equally effective, but in a far messier way. Our Messy Games night gave our teens the opportunity to finger paint with condiments, bob for chocolate coins in whipped cream, and more. The winning team (the Valkyries) were awarded a special honor that included shaving cream and a youth minister’s face.

This month, Life Teen will be starting it’s new semester on Vocations! February will include the first half of another Life Night series titled Unsettled. This series will focus on four vocations: consecrated religious life, priesthood, holy matrimony, and the Universal Call to Holiness. Guest speakers living out these vocations present to our teens on their vocation. Brothers Donald and Michael OFM will be joining us for a night on consecrated religious life, and Fr Marc Cramer will join us to speak on the priesthood!

EDGE will be having a Valentine’s Day themed meeting this February 14th, along with continuing its theme on creation and the existence of God. This month, we’ll be talking about the Final Creation – Humankind. The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys are also partway through their series on “Why the World is the Way it is”. February’s Club Meetings will pose questions about suffering and the purpose of the Church! Both the boys’ and girls’ series’ will end with an apostolic project, right before the beginning of Lent.

Challenge and Conquest will also enter February on a sad note. Our Challenge Girls Coordinator, Desiree, will be leaving this month to study at the Catholic Discipleship College in Auckland, New Zealand. We all wish her well in her travels and thank her for leading the Challenge Girls Club here.

As said last month, HT Young Adults will be having a book study! In January, we preluded our book study with a discussion on Heaven and Hell, since we will be reading and discussing The Great Divorce by CS Lewis this February.

Finally, February marks the time to start SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS about the HT EPIC Youth Rally on March 18th! February 24th is the date to register if participants want one of the gorgeous t-shirts that will be given out that day. Otherwise, registrations are open up to and including the day of the rally. The cost to go is $45, which covers all the food and fun. These lovely people will be presenting!Youth in grades 7-12 are invited to join us for this epic day (yea, that was a pun). Check out the HT EPIC Youth Rally page for all the details and the registration form!

Please continue to pray for our parish’s youth and youth ministry.

February’s Youth Ministry Activities
February 2 – HT Young Adults
February 5 – Life Teen Semester Two KICKOFF
February 8 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
February 12 – Life Teen: “Grateful Beggar” (with Brs Michael and Donald)
February 14 – EDGE Valentine’s Day Social
February 15 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
February 16 – HT Young Adults
February 19 – Life Teen Social Night
February 22* – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys Apostolic Project
February 26 – Life Teen: “Abundant Sacrifice” (with Fr Marc Cramer)
February 28 – EDGE: “The Final Creation”

*The date of Challenge and Conquests Apostolic Projects may change within the week of February 22.

January 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
Happy New Year! I hope that this year’s Christmas break has been a joyful and restful for all of our parish’s youth and their families. As the New Year begins, so does Holy Trinity’s youth activities, which I am here to share with you!

This past December was filled with Christmas busyness, with the Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys Christmas Party and the Christmas Carol Singalong, in which the Youth Choir played “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” à la Barenaked Ladies and Sara McLachlan!

As for this month, Life Teen will be starting up again by finishing its semester on Social Justice. We’ve discussed human dignity, mercy, materialism, and much more this year so far. We’ll be finishing it all off with “Brother’s Keeper”, a Life Night on the Common Good. After that, our high-school students will be moving into exam time (I’m sorry I said the “E word”), so we’ll be doing our best to relieve their stress and give them a break from studying. These “stressbuster” nights are a bit of a tradition, and are only one hour long.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys will be beginning their next series, that will take them all the way until Lent, and ending in another Apostolic Project. EDGE will also be continuing its theme on “Existence”, exploring who God is and the Creed. We’ll be at SJPII on Tuesday Jan 10, and STA on Tuesday Jan 24!

At the start of our first HT Young Adults meetings, the myself and the  young adults attending wanted a group that can have many different activities, including discussions on topics relevant to them, videos, and speakers for other specific topics. With that in mind, the HT Young Adults will be having a book study for a few weeks starting this January. I am very excited to have a group for our parish’s young adults that can be variable for them. Please keep praying for the success of this group and all of Holy Trinity’s youth ministry efforts.

January’s Youth Ministry Activities:
January 10 – EDGE at St John Paul II School
January 15 – Life Teen: “Brother’s Keeper”
January 18 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
January 19 – HT Young Adults
January 22 – Life Teen: Stressbuster!
January 24 – EDGE at St Thomas Aquinas School
January 25 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys
January 29 – Life Teen: Stressbuster!

Special Announcements:
The Holy Trinity EPIC Youth Rally is on Saturday March 18! Youth in grades 7-12 from our parish and parishes in the Archdiocese of Edmonton are invited to join us for an awesome day! Pure Witness Ministries will be leading the rally, including our very own Elijah Jodoin who is on their retreat team this year. Check out the poster and registration form on the youth board at the back of the church!


December 2016 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
November has quickly come and gone! After a full month of youth activities this past month, including mini-golfing and board games, this upcoming December has more fun promised for our parish’s youth.

This past November, Life Teen finished its series on mercy. For those Life Nights in November, we talked about divine-mercythe works of mercy and the Divine Mercy Message. As the Jubilee Year of Mercy ended, our “Misericordia” series ended (fittingly) with the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I’m very thankful to Fr Joselito for joining us for that night!
In December, we will be continuing our semester on Social Justice as we approach Christmas break, with Life Nights on creating a culture of life globally and being stewards of creation.

So far this fall, EDGE has focused on the Creed, discussing God and Faith. Our last EDGE meeting before Christmas break will be a gingerbread house making party at St Thomas Aquinas School! The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys will also be having a Christmas party this month at St John Paul II School, with snacks, sledding, and skating! Before that however, they will be having their first Apostolic Project of the year. The Girls and Boys have been preparing for a trip to the George Hennig Senior’s Home, where they’ll have the opportunity to visit with the residents there, present skits, and play games.

Finally, our newest youth ministry effort, HT Young Adults, went to the West Edmonton Mall for mini-golfing and appies this November. I look forward to continuingimg_2228 to build community among our parish’s young adults, doing many more activities like this.

Holy Trinity’s youth ministry activities will continue until our Christmas break. There are less youth specific activities this month; but please check out Holy Trinity’s other advent activities, like the Advent Penitential Service on Wednesday Dec 14 and the Christmas Carol Sing-Along on Sunday Dec 18.

December’s Youth Ministry Activities:
December 1 – HT Young Adults
December 4 – Life Teen: “Global Village”
December 7 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys Apostolic Project
December 11 – Life Teen: “On Loan”
December 13 – EDGE at St Thomas Aquinas School
December 15 – HT Young Adults
December 21- Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys Christmas Social

Other Important Stuff to Know:
1. SAVE THE DATE! The Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally will be on Saturday March 18th from 10am to 9pm. The cost to attend is $45. It is a day of talks, skits, food, games, Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration. I’ll be shouting about this event a lot more in the months to come.
2. If you or your child hasn’t submitted a permission form for Life Teen, please do so before the next Life Night.
3. There is an awesome speaker, named Chris Stefanick, coming to Good Shepherd Parish in Edmonton on Thursday December 8th at 7pm. While it isn’t a youth specific event, I encourage any youth and other parishioners from our parish to check it out. Tickets are $25.

If you have any questions, suggestions, stories, or jokes, you can contact James at the parish office or by email at

November 2016 HTYouth Newsletter

Message from James:
Hello Holy Trinity Parishioners, welcome to November!challenge-girls-cornmaze This past month has included many fun adventures for our parish’s young people. The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs had a fun (albeit muddy) trip to the Edmonton Corn Maze, (seen here —->)
and on October 14-16, Life Teen held its Fall Retreat “Timeless”, at Camp Encounter, (see the group photo of the teens that went on retreat <—–here!)img_2177-good-one

The Life Teens have been focusing on Mercy this past month with a four part series titled “Merciful”, which will be completed this month.

As for activities this month, Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys will be finishing off their series asking “What is God like?”, HT Young Adults will be going bowling together, and Life Teen will be finishing their series on Mercy. Check out all of the dates for this month’s events below!

November’s Youth Activities:
November 2 – Challenge/Conquest Leaders Meeting
November 3 – HT Young Adults
November 6 – Life Teen: “Filled First”
November 8 – EDGE at St Thomas Aquinas
November 9 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys: Was Christ Real?
November 13 – Life Teen: “Trust”
November 16 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys: Is the Bible true?
November 17 – HT Young Adults
November 20 – Life Teen: Social Night
November 22 – EDGE at St John Paul II
November 23 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys: What’s Mary’s role?
November 24 – HT Young Adults Bowling at Ed’s Rec Room
November 27 – Life Teen: “So Much More”
November 30 – Challenge Girls/Conquest Boys: How do I talk to God?

Special Announcements:

  1. If you or your child has not completed a registration form for Life Teen, Challenge Girls, or Conquest Boys, you must do so before the next meeting. These waivers are required for youth to participate.
  2. If you are interested in helping with Holy Trinity Parish’s youth ministry, please contact James at the parish office: 780.960.0135, or by email: